The Executive Board of Directors, is comprised of officers who are elected plus the Membership Chairperson.

The Board of Directors,
as per by-laws, is made up of appointed and Standing Committee Chairpersons.

Executive Officers include:

 President:       Presides over all club meetings, the Executive Board, and the Board of Directors
1st Vice President: Makes arrangements for monthly meetings/lunches.  Presides at meetings for President as needed.
2nd Vice President: Plans all programs at monthly lunches.
Secretary: Records and reports minutes of all club & board meetings
Treasurer: Has charge of funds, pays bills, collects payments, provides an annual budget.
Membership: An appointed position charged with encouraging perspective members to join the club and become active in club activities.


Other appointed roles include Auditor and Parliamentarian.  Chairpersons are appointed for:  Newsletter, Ways and Means, Reservations, Sunshine, Public Relations, Inspirational reader, Charity representative, Activity, and Directory.