The Springfield Hospitality Club
is an independent membership organization created in 1996. Members of the Acquaintance Club, formerly the Welcome Wagon Club, and the Newcomers Club voted to merge the two similar organizations. In 2011 membership was opened to any woman in the Greater Springfield area. We still concentrate on recruiting those moving into our area, but all are welcome.

In the spring of 1997, club membership voted on the balloon as the colorful, uplifting symbol to identify the Springfield Hospitality Club. The logo led to our club by-line, "Up and away with food, fun, and fellowship" (not necessarily in that order).

The purpose of the club is to encourage fellowship among members through various activities and to participate in charitable projects as chosen by our membership. The activities speak for themselves. Luncheons feature area speakers and various types of entertainment. Each year members support a cross section of humanitarian/charitable agencies as brought through our club's Charity Committee.

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